My Precious: Indie Film Breaks Box-Office Records

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Disney's creepy 3D Christmas Carol was number one at the box office, but the big movie biz story today is Precious' record-setting debut over the weekend


As Women & Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein writes:

It made $1.8 million dollars on a total of 18 screens. That is an average of $100,000 per screen which never, ever happens. A little perspective. Michael Jackson's movie This is It opened to 6,675 per screen average. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opened at 17,997 per screen. Granted people had a lot more places to see both movies and both grossed more for the weekend, but Precious' debut is unprecedented. The only movies to open over $100,000 per screen were Dreamgirls and Brokeback Mountain.

Variety's Pamela McClintock echoes: "That's the best gross ever for a film opening in fewer than 100 theaters."

Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger notes that the numbers are "an amazing achievement," especially "considering all of this was accomplished by a film by a relatively new director with no big movie stars in it."

Though the movie is expected to have great word-of-mouth, at least one critic feels it doesn't send the right message. Newsweek's Raina Kelley writes:

I'm tired of movies presenting black people as grateful to find a helping hand to rise above their abusers. Not because we've seen this movie before-starring Sidney Poitier, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, and even Matthew Perry-but because the story never changes. Where's the African-American Norma Rae or Silkwood?


A good point — but maybe the success of Precious will open doors for other films about the black experience? And for the stories of all different types of women?

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