"My Marriage Is Falling Apart Because I'm A Mac, And He's A PC."

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A troubled wife consults Slate's peerless "Dear Prudence." Prudie takes care of sensible advice, so we went ahead and asked a bunch of dead people!

I recently married my dream husband. We have incredible chemistry and a shared commitment to each other. When we disagree, we settle our differences by balancing logic and gut feelings. That is, until we came to our disagreement on which laptop I should buy to replace my Mac PowerBook. We are both in the software industry and have strong preferences on which operating system we prefer. I have been a happy Mac user for years. My husband can't stand the Mac, and his only explanation is the image associated with Mac users. Whenever he sees me with my PowerBook, he thinks of the "Get a Mac" commercials where Justin Long, who is a Mac, ridicules John Hodgman, a PC. I agree with him that the commercials are obnoxious, but they have nothing to do with the usability of the Mac. My husband said jokingly that I could get a Mac only over the divorce papers. I don't believe he was joking. It's getting to a point that we cannot discuss this without getting our blood boiling.


Dorothy Parker: "Dream husband?" Dream on.

Lady Idina Sackville: Bolt, my dear! Bolt!

Henry VIII: You are discouretous, Madam. He'd do well to cast you out.

Sir Thomas More: With all due respect, marriage is an Athenic weaving together of families, of two souls with their individual fates and destinies, of time and eternity - everyday life married to the timeless mysteries of the soul.

Marlene Dietrich: Oh, just let him have his way. Men are such tiresome children. You can always have your Mac on the side.

Jack Kerouac: Fuck monogamy.

Joseph Smith: Now, now, your husband knows best. Don't tire your brain with machinery and machinations.

Marie Antoinette: Je ne comprende pas. Why don't you have separate chateaux?

Ned Ludd: What's wrong with a sharpened stick and some foolscap?

Job: First-world problems. You haz them.

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Once you go Mac, you never go back.