My Inexplicable Love For Chris Matthews Explained By "The John Mayer Effect"

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The dudes over on have noted a curious phenomenon they've dubbed The John Mayer Effect. TJME is when a celebrity looks like a douche, walks like a douche, talks like a douche…and yet you find them totally endearing. You certainly know better, but you can't help yourself. I identified with TJME because I've been experiencing it the past couple of days when watching Chris Matthews cover the DNC on MSNBC. I know, I know. This is the man Anna once described as an "enemy to women everywhere" who called Hillary Clinton a bunch of names ranging from "She Devil" to "Nurse Ratched." I cringe internally while watching him ask fellow MSNBC commentator Michelle Bernard about "what women think" about a specific issue, as if she is our sole representative. But somehow, I still burn a candle for ol' Matthews, and here's why.He's exasperated. When he's doing any interview, or even just commenting on the political proceedings, he has this air of misanthropy that I not only deeply understand, but is also a rarity on TV. Most of the anchors on cable news are polished, robotic talking heads with veneers. Matthews is charmingly disheveled in a way that even the most skilled aesthetician cannot correct: a forelock of his thinning hair is always flapping in the wind. Also, weirdly, the Darrell Hammond impersonation of Chris Matthews on Saturday Night Live made me exceedingly fond of ol' Chris. None of these are concrete or really good reasons to love Chris Matthews, but what can I say: the heart wants what the heart wants. Why Don't I Hate This Guy? [] Earlier:Hillary Clinton Has The Clap Chris Matthews Has A Sexist History With Hillary Clinton


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Jessica - think back to Chris Matthews cooing and drooling over GW Bush in his flightsuit in front of the Mission Accomplished banner. That oughta kill any ladyboner.