“My first indication that something was off was an email from a colleague: ‘Congratulations on your cool science result getting some press. Also congrats on the apparently successful gender reassignment surgery.’” An astronomer writes about the entire media assuming she was a man after her research went viral.

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I’m a woman who uses a traditionally masculine name, and it’s a lifelong problem for me. My last name is also very traditionally masculine, and I am very aware that people who have never met me usually assume I’m a man. But what can I do? Go by a name (Samantha) that isn’t what I call myself? Say “p.s. I’m a lady” at the end of all my e-mails? I know this is a slightly different issue than the one described in the article (especially weird that one of the organizations who actually interviewed her switched her pronouns!), and I don’t work in the sciences, where a lot of sexism in the workplace discussion is centered now, but still, I feel ya girl.