The fun thing about that creeping insecurity that you're too old to be optimally datable is that once it sets in โ€” 25? 27? โ€” it never lets up! Which is why it's always good to read about some lady in her sixties who's getting more dates than she ever did in her entire life. Well, author and man magnet Andree Aelion Brooks is here to share with you her secrets! They may shock you...okay, not all of them. Basically she has had some cosmetic surgery โ€” she doesn't say where! โ€” and refrained from getting fat. Also she is good with computers so she got sought after for lessons etc. But here's the best part!

I missed having a life companion. I missed the emotional and physical closeness. I missed the sharing and the caring. But, as time went on and I watched my contemporaries struggling with the ill health of their spouses or partners, I realized that I was actually in a relatively good position. Maybe the last thing I needed at this age was commitment.

The Turning Point

And that became the magical turning point. The less I genuinely wanted a committed relationship, and sent out those signals, the more offers I began to receive from men who wanted to date me.

Appearing needy โ€” at any age โ€” is known to be a turnoff.

Then she tells the "cautionary tale" of a friend who fell in love with a dude, only to have him drop dead a month later. Yikes! People dying all around you...that'll kill your unsightly emotional availability I guess? Maybe that's why so many older men wind up with twentysomething gold diggers who don't care if they die. I bet this works in war zones, too.

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