During a recent performance, Amy Schumer told her audience that being one of the most famous people in the country (world?) isn’t nearly as great as she’d hoped it would be. Though her comments were made during a comedy set, what she said isn’t exactly, uh, funny.

“Joked” Schumer:

I’m, like, newly famous, and it turns out it’s not fun. Did you guys know that? You’re, like, you know that I’m just now learning that my dreams have been a sham, and that it’s actually not great and it just only comes with pain.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! lol. She continued:

We all know it’s going to last another three months because that’s how it works. I’m already burning bridges like it’s already fucking over.

Oh my god I’m dyin’! Literally peein’ my pants! I love jokes!!!


Look at this photo of Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs, and Katy Perry hanging out last night:

What did they talk about, I wonder?

Robert: Good salad.

Katy: Yeah! Very good. I like, you know, simple dressings. Not creamy ones? What do you call, like, whatever this is? Like sort of light and a little—

Twigs: It’s a vinaigrette.

Katy: That’s it. Vinaigrette. I like those.

Robert: Me too.

Twigs’s eyes dart at Rob as Katy pulls out her phone and starts texting her assistant “who r these qts i’m sitting next to again?

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