My Bloody Valentine: A Love Story

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So let's just say there's this guy. And he has a serious crush on this girl in his class. She's not interested, but he just can't stop thinking about her. 3 years pass and he decides he has the perfect plan: As she's walking home from school, he'll jab her with a syringe and inject his blood into her body! That way, they're together forever. Sort of. 'Til the cops come. Anyway, that's what happened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, yesterday. The 22-year-old man (who is not Pete Doherty, by the way) is being held by police and the 21-year-old woman is in the hospital for tests.


But this made us think back to our 90s witchy The Craft-inspired moment in which we read a book of love spells and discovered a man could be yours if you snuck some menstrual blood into his food. We were tempted, since it supposedly makes the guy "faithful for all time." But figuring out how to get the blood into his pizza in the cafeteria was an obstacle we weren't prepared for. (The voodoo doll is another story.)
Man Injects Love Interest With Blood [CBS News]

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They should have put up the shot of the guy who got arrested in Minnesota for licking that girls feet. You should see this character!