Musical Tampon Allows Fetuses to Listen to Your Mixtape in the Womb

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Over the years, studies have shown music listened to during pregnancy may have a positive effect on babies after they are born. Some believe that auditory fetal learning can later help with a child’s memory skills and brain development. A recent study from Barcelona gynecology clinic Institut Marquès has found that fetuses can detect sound as early as 16 weeks.


The result of the study is Babypod, a pink speaker that a woman inserts into her vagina like a tampon, The Cut reports. This allows the fetus to listen to music right from within the womb, instead of from a headphone wrapped around a pregnant belly, which Babypod’s website says would result in muffled sounds, opposed to the intense and clear noises a vaginal sound system would provide. After pumping up the Babypod, ultrasounds showed the fetuses responding to the music by moving their mouths and tongues, as if they were performing Lip Sync Battle in utero.

A Spanish singer named Soraya held the first concert for expecting mothers and their unborn babies. In the video, Soraya is seen performing Christmas songs, including Mariah Carey’s classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Now parents-to-be can get their baby obsessed with that tune in time for their first-ever Christmas celebration.

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I’m sure to be in the minority but my first thought was “this is fucking cool”.

Also, the bass has got to feel pretty good to mommy, right?