Muppets Give Fox News a One-Two Punch

Last month, Fox News accused the Muppets of being anti-oil and of pushing a communist agenda in their new movie. Well, during a press conference after the movie's UK premiere, our fuzzy friends fought back. In classic Muppet style, Kermit sets things up in his usual charming way, and Miss Piggy steps in to deliver the devastating comedic blow. Someone ought to give these two a show on CNN — they're a hell of a lot cuter than Wolf Blitzer.


[Via Dangerous Minds]


Is it wrong that I watched this and just totally took it on faith that Miss Piggy and Kermit are, indeed, real? Is this akin to still believing, at the age of 41, that stuffed animals have feelings and you should never keep them laying face down because they might smother? If it is wrong, then I don't care to live in this world any longer!