Mumford & Sons Concert Expects 5,000 Attendees to Arrive on Bikes

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Imagine your typical Mumford & Sons fan. Is he wearing a waist coat? Does he have a handlebar mustache? Does he ride a bike that he calls his velocipede? Of course, he does.

“But I like Mumford & Sons,” you say. “They’re good,” you say. “The banjo is a part of a storied musical tradition,” you say.

But look in the mirror. You’re wearing a waistcoat, you have a mustache, your velocipede needs air in its tires. The man that I described before? He’s you.


Being this man, you’ll be happy to know that Mumford & Sons’ highly anticipated (and recently postponed) concert at Montrose Beach in Chicago will have valet parking for bicycles—fixed gears, cruisers, penny-farthings, you name it—and are expecting 5,000 people to arrive by bike. (Important to note that there will be NO jaunty hat check, and the kombucha kegs are expected to run out by 9PM.)

“This [Mumford & Sons] audience is a great audience,” David Carlucci, operations manager of JAM Productions, tells DNAinfo Chicago. “The audience tends to age from 25 to 45. They all have credit cards, they all have money and there’s a lot of families.”

Enjoy your time with your rich and environmentally conscious peers.

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