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Mufti Wants Men & Women To Pray Together • Lori Drew Case Not Dismissed

Illustration for article titled Mufti Wants Men  Women To Pray Together • Lori Drew Case Not Dismissed

• The Mufti of Australia wants to allow men and women to pray together in the country's mosques—a tradition which he says is a cultural, not religious, requirement dictated by the Koran. • A new super scientific survey from Australia claims that female drivers become more frazzled by rain than men. • A woman in England was given a suspended jail sentence for concealing the birth of her possibly stillborn child, whom she claims she unknowingly gave birth to while on the toilet. • An English couple with the last name of Strange suspect that their leather settee is haunted. •• About 414 women waited in the cold outside the Apollo Theater in New York on Saturday in hopes of getting the role of Effie White for the upcoming national tour of the musical Dreamgirls. • Vivid, a student magazine at Cambridge University has sparked a controversy after printing a picture of a topless female undergrad in a recent issue. • A new study reveals that neurotic people are bothered more by uncertainty than bad news. • Campaigners of a pro-Cesarean and pain relief childbirth group in England had a meeting today with the chair of the Commons Health Select Committee to warn against ignoring "women's choice" while pandering to natural childbirth lobbyists. • A Los Angeles judge put off a decision on dismissing the case against Lori Drew today and asked for Drew's defense team to open its case. • Jump Start, a shelter for teenage mothers in Tacoma, Washington will be closing in mid-December due to lack of funds. • A 106-year-old woman discovered that she had been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day for years but still decided to celebrate on that wrong date. • A new federal investigative report into Michael Vick's dogfighting operation reveals that the athlete was directly involved in the hanging and drowning of "underperforming" pit bulls. • The Brazilian police are currently investigating 1,000 women suspected of having abortions, which are illegal in Brazil. 150 women have already been charged. • More than 400,000 women in England have had their handbags stolen from cars in the past 12 months. • is offering 19 best-selling products that won't require tools to open in order to deal with frustrating packaging on holiday gifts. • A cafeteria and playground aide at an elementary school in New Jersey is causing an uproar after the community learned that she used to be a porn star. • The Medina Collective in Toronto offers university-level courses to women of color about sexuality, gender, the media and hip hop culture. • Menopause isn't just for women anymore; now men can get in on the fun.•


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Unknowingly gave birth while on the toilet? This calls for a "Really?!? with Seth and Amy."