MTV's True Life Investigates Severe Acne Sufferers

Over the weekend, MTV aired True Life: I Have Acne a documentary featuring young adults with severe cystic acne, and the steps they are taking to treat it. Take Lily. She's a 21-year-old aspiring model/actress, but her skin has been holding her back from moving forward with her career. She's been grappling with the decision of whether or not to take Accutane following the death of her 15-year-old brother, who took the drug and then suddenly died. (Doctors insist that the Accutane didn't have anything to do with his death, but Lily is still too fearful to try.) Lily decides to undergo very expensive, painful laser treatments that had devastating short-term effects, and eventually, no long-term effects. A couple thousand dollars later, she's still dealing with her affliction and still refusing to try Accutane.


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fluxus flucker

OK, I'm so late to this thread that I may never get any responses, but here I go...

Why does the appearance of (not the pain of certain types) acne bother everyone so much? Including myself, an adult who still has small, but persistent acne!

On this site a majority of people seem to be against plastic surgery because the health risks and costs usually outweigh the benefits and because sometimes the desired results could be achieved by way of a dedicated exercise program, healthy diet, and/or an expensive bra. (disclaimer: I've def. considered breast reduction and reshaping).

So why are so many of us supporting drastic measures to get rid of acne for the sake of appearance? Again, I'm not talking about acne that causes physical pain.

Everyone gets acne at some point. The lucky ones just get a single pimple on their chin once a month (and to you people I must say: don't complain about this in front of people with worse acne - its an indirect criticism). Its pretty well known that hormones and genetics play the largest role in determining if a person gets acne. Its known that wealthier people can afford the healthiest foods, lotions, treatments, and make-up for their skin, while the middle class and poor can not. And furthermore, low stress and a full night's sleep are things that not accessible to all of us.

We know that acne does not equal dirty or unhygenic, lazy, or "sinful". So why are people shamed so much for having acne? Esp. in the Jezebel community where, frankly, we should all know better.

I'm not judging anyone who takes Accutane. I've tried RetinA and other expensive creams. I feel for you. Honestly, if I didn't have a serious history of depression and bad reactions to meds, I might try Accutane myself. But, even I don't know why.

I have cystic acne and sometimes acne roseacea. Its not pretty. But, its also not life threatening and I probably notice it more than anyone else. At least, that's what my mom always says!

I also know that even without Accutane or lazer treatments I've got more than enough going on in my life to give me stress, insomnia, body pains, and to drain my bank account.

So, for me...I was going to say its not worth it, but I'm being open, so I think the more honest answer would be I can't afford both the skin treatment and the mental health treatments that I would need to go with it.

Anyone care to discuss?