MTV's House of Style Returns, Sorta

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Hey, remember the '90s? They were cool. MTV showed music videos back then. The network also ran a weird, fun, bizarro program called House of Style, hosted by Cindy Crawford. Now, word on the street (in which the street is the Internet) is that House of Style is being resurrected, zombie-steez, (again, there was also a 2009 relaunch), and will be a slightly different version from the show that aired over twenty years ago.


Fashionista spoke with Dave Sirulnick from MTV, who explains:

The idea of the new House of Style is that it runs on all of our platforms. MTV is a fully multi-media company. You'll see it on television, on the web, on our aps. Not a lot of people are looking to consume 20-minute television shows on their phones. At least not yet. We want to make it really accessible for our audiences. Pieces will get windowed on to television, with the notion of the ability to to a longer form programming style. The documentary is a long form piece.

In addition, the network has dug up old episodes from the archives, MTV's Sophia Rai says:

One of the favorite clips in the building is definitely with Naomi Campbell. House of Style is in her hotel room, and Linda Evangelista and Kristen McMenamy are there. As Linda and Kristen leave, Naomi gets into her night routine. She puts on zit cream! That really resonated with our audience, that's just an awesome moment. Another is the X-Girl fashion show. Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze were producing producing the fashion show. You see people leaving the Marc Jacobs show and going downtown to this guerrilla fashion show. It was such an important fashion moment of the 90s, and you see Sofia and Spike before the way we know them to be now. Cindy Crawford? She took Duran Duran shopping at Sears. She didn't feel pressure to be the cool person.

The new House of Style will begin in October; a host has not yet been named. But you can check out amazing vintage episodes — with folks like Winona Ryder, Salt N Pepa and Betsey Johnson — by clicking here.

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Still don't know if this is going to make up for the inevitably bad Inbetweeners rip-off that MTV is spinning out in August. Why do they always have to ruin the best British shows? Showtime has been about the only network to do it "right" recently with Shameless. As a Chicagoland person, I can attest to the fact that they tried to make it at least Chicago-centric. It's not as good as the original, but it's not terrible. They are going to fuck up just like they did with Skins!