MTV to Air Yet Another Show About an Unplanned Pregnancy

Have you ever heard of Dev? Me neither. But she's the girl who sings that song "Like a G6" that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 a year and a half ago. It got her a record deal and she was poised for pop superstardom—but then the 22-year-old got pregnant, causing some perceived setbacks in her career, like her label pushing her album release date back. But MTV is the pregnancy channel now, so they gave her her own reality show. If you're counting along at home, you'll know that this is the seventh series in MTV's 2012 schedule featuring young women dealing with unplanned pregnancies (16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3, Snooki & JWOWW, and Jersey Shore). Simply titled Dev, the show will follow the singer as balances her high-risk pregnancy—her unborn child's bowels are on the outside of its body—with her fledgling career, love life (her fiancee is a pro-skater), and relationship with her parents, who had her at such a young age that the soon-to-be grandparents still do beer bongs. Dev premieres on MTV on May 23.


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Mommet Coddler

I've only heard of Dev because my son wanted to be her for Halloween this past year (he only told me after I'd already finished his Lady Gaga outfit though, so he ended up just being a generic 'diva'). I suspect that we're going to have some conversations about this in the near future.