MTV featured a regular Romeo in its latest installment of True Life, which was all about "chubby chasers." Tee said:

I used to date a lot of skinny chicks. When I was dating skinny girls it was nothing but problems. Pretty girls have huge egos. They're boring in the bedroom and I always had to worry about other guys hitting on them.

I thought that "chubby chasing" was about a particular kink, and not just a way to get laid without all the bullshit hassles of "pretty girls."

But whatever, I don't think Tee or the girl he was supposedly dating were even a real item. Toward the end of the episode they had a super manufactured, poorly-acted fight about some pinup modeling she was doing. It just rang really false, and I think it was all a ruse for these people to get themselves on TV. Or maybe I'm just disillusioned because of the Kardashians. They ruin everything!