MTV Gets 'Chubby Chasing' All Wrong

MTV featured a regular Romeo in its latest installment of True Life, which was all about "chubby chasers." Tee said:

I used to date a lot of skinny chicks. When I was dating skinny girls it was nothing but problems. Pretty girls have huge egos. They're boring in the bedroom and I always had to worry about other guys hitting on them.

I thought that "chubby chasing" was about a particular kink, and not just a way to get laid without all the bullshit hassles of "pretty girls."

But whatever, I don't think Tee or the girl he was supposedly dating were even a real item. Toward the end of the episode they had a super manufactured, poorly-acted fight about some pinup modeling she was doing. It just rang really false, and I think it was all a ruse for these people to get themselves on TV. Or maybe I'm just disillusioned because of the Kardashians. They ruin everything!


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No jealousy issues? Does he really think that he's the only guy out there attracted to bigger girls?

I might be bigger than what social norms deign is "hot" but I've no shortage of suitors (it beats me as to why, but hey). The men who date me know that I'm with them because they make me happy, not because I couldn't get anyone else.

And yes, I said "men." I know plenty of curvy poly ladies like myself, too.