MSNBC Brings Birther Circus Into Full Public View

David Shuster and Tamron Hall had Birther Queen Bee Orly Taitz on MSNBC this afternoon, and, after Taitz tried to prove her points by talking constantly without saying anything, Shuster and Hall dared to ask questions.

Halfway through, where we pick up, Taitz calls Shuster a brownshirt, at which point (having lost relatives in the Holocaust), he pronounces himself offended. Then Tamron Hall comes back to try to ask her to respond to questions which, in true Sarah Palin fashion, Taitz refuses to do and, instead, says she's going to have Hall fired. Finally, an exasperated Shuster asks her if her motivation is simply a hatred of people with Muslim-sounding names (while a crew member audibly laughs in the background) and after denying it, Taitz claims that one's parents have to both be U.S. citizens for their child to be one (untrue) or for their child to become President (also untrue). It's a whole steaming pile of delicious, Schadenfreude-y crazy, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the thought that it's on this woman's veracity that Lou Dobb has staked his journalism "career".


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I feel like Rahm Emanual hired her to shit crazy all over. She's the best thing that Democrats have going for them right now, publicity-wise.

(Because you might be not altogether sold on universal health care, but look at this fucking Republican. Do you really want to be on her team?)