Screenshot via WCN.

The North Carolina cat who was so huge he couldn’t fit into a standard cat crate at the shelter has found a home. The appropriately named Mr. Handsome was featured on the local news (and on Jezebel) and became so popular they had to institute a lottery for prospective owners. One very lucky person has won his squishy paw.

WNCN reports that Angela Frazee of Fayetteville brought Mr. Handsome home from the Chatham County Animal Shelter on Friday. While his adorable roundness is a big part of his appeal, Frazee is going to try and help Mr. Handsome lose some weight. Vets suspect his issue is a health condition and will be running tests, but he’s already dropped almost three pounds just chilling in a cabinet, so it’s possible his previous owners were overfeeding him.

“He is such a sweet cat,” Frazee told WNCN. “He needs to lose some weight and get active, and then he’ll be happy.”


Frazee also has a cat named Spock who she adopted when he was 21 pounds. He’s now 11.5. She is not messing around. Frazee also intends to give him a new name when she “gets to know him better.” Is she kidding? This is the handsomest cat I’ve ever seen. Look how aloof and sultry he is: