Moviegoers Aren't Wooed By Sex • Crack: Even Worse For You Than Before!

Sex doesn't sell movie tickets, according to a new study out of California. Apparently, kids today don't want to watch hot and heavy scenes, and prefer the chaste sexuality of Twilight and Jane Austen. •

• Chinese novelist Mian Mian is suing Google after she found a copy of her latest book scanned and available online for free. She is seeking - somewhat modestly - £6,000 damages and a public apology. • A recent report has found that 77% of women in Gaza have experienced violence of some sort. A quarter of the women also report feeling unsafe in their own homes, and more than a third feel that they are unable to fight back. • Peter Mandelson has some advice for parents of all of us deadbeat boomerang generation kids: "If you are providing free board and lodgings, a well-stocked fridge, washing and ironing done ... there's not much drive there. So cut back to help increase their motivation." That's some tough love! • According to a new survey, the last decade really kind of sucked. Most people report having a generally negative view of the past 10 years, but they do look back fondly on the '80s and '90s. And 60% of people expect the next decade to be better, while roughly a third of respondents predicted things will get worse. • Internet posts that are attributed to the Nigerian man charged with trying to bomb a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day reportedly display a great deal of "shame" over his sexual urges, as well as a growing sense of alienation and depression. • An Alaska judge has rejected Bristol Palin's request to keep custody proceedings closed. "In this day and age of the internet, media stories remain available for years, even decades, after they are first published, and anything printed in the media (whether it is true or not) will be available to Tripp when he is old enough to read," Bristol wrote, but the judge ruled that Bristol provided no evidence that future knowledge of the hearings would harm her child. • Scientists believe they've discovered the key to why some of us binge eat long past the point of fullness. Unsurprisingly, it has to do with hormones. Pesky, pesky hormones. • A couple is suing the New York Archdiocese after their child was denied admittance to a Catholic preschool on the grounds that she had not been vaccinated, and thus could pose a danger to the other students. The parents argue that they have not vaccinated their daughter for religious reasons. • A new report has found that most cocaine is laced with a deworming drug meant for horses that can cause chronic illness in humans. The drug is more likely to affect women, and it is especially poisonous when smoked. • Hey ladies, after 24 years of marriage, Karl Rove is finally back on the market! Start your bidding. •


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