The commercial at left, for World of Warcraft-themed Mountain Dew Game Fuel, is the first gaming commercial we've seen starring women exclusively. We found it kind of progressive, until YouTube commenters explained that hot women don't actually play WoW!

In the ad, one woman buying Horde Game Fuel notices another woman buying Alliance Game Fuel; the first woman transforms into a male Orc, the other turns into a female Night Elf, and the two battle in the supermarket.

Narratives involving two women fighting over merchandise aren't incredibly inventive, but the fact that the women turn into the female and male characters featured on the bottles helps the storyline avoid the oft-used girl-on-girl "catfight" scenario.

Still, the WoW players who watched the ad on YouTube aren't very impressed. Commenter "Gnuzzk" writes:

why is it 2 girls thats not realistic.. should be 2 fat greasy nerds

"Siberner12" replies:

because if they make it woman then nerds think if they get Mountain Dew they might get pussy.


Ah, so the commercial featuring two humans turning into monsters and fighting in the supermarket is unrealistic because women don't play WoW, and the few who do are ugly. Or maybe we've all completely misinterpreted this complex soda commercial! "WowvidZZ" explains:

i dont think you guys get this commercial they're 2 mom's and they're picking up mountain dew for they're WoW playing family when all of a sudden they see that they're on opposite sides and fight

Of course! The only reasonable explanation is that they're two mothers so devoted to their greasy sons' gaming habits that they will attack anyone who buys the enemy's soda. That's not really junk food we can believe in.


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