Motorcycle Manufacturers Hawk Hogs To Women

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  • Motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson are attempting to appeal more to potential female customers by designing riding gear with rhinestones (ugh), creating motorcycles that sit lower to the ground, and hosting the cock-rocket equivalent of Tupperware parties. [NYTimes]
  • What to eat and what not to eat (shellfish, Brie, hotdogs, herbal tea and (duh, alcohol!) when pregnant. [NYTimes]
  • Close, but no cigar: The FDA did not fully approve Wyeth's menopause drug Pristiq because of "staff scientists want more information about the treatment." [NYTimes]
  • The FDA did, however, agree that Eli Lilly's osteoporosis drug Evista can also be marketed as lowering the risk of breast cancer. [WSJ]
  • One woman in the NY Times obituary section today: Teresa Stitch Randall, 79, American operatic soprano who made her name abroad in the opera houses of Austria, France and Switzerland. [NYTimes]

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"So they are producing more motorcycles that are low to the ground - so women can plant their feet firmly at rest - with narrower seats and softer clutches, and adjusting handlebars and windshields to make bikes more comfortable for smaller riders."

To me, this sounds like marketing to women done right, not done pink. Speaking for myself and most of the female riders I know, the biggest problems with the larger bikes are uncomfortable seats that are too high and handle bars designed for gorillas with clutch and front brake to match.

Those who manufacture pink tool kits deserve to be mocked. A company that actually is addressing the concerns of us female types deserves at least a pat on the head.