Motorcycle Manufacturers Hawk Hogs To Women

  • Motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson are attempting to appeal more to potential female customers by designing riding gear with rhinestones (ugh), creating motorcycles that sit lower to the ground, and hosting the cock-rocket equivalent of Tupperware parties. [NYTimes]
  • What to eat and what not to eat (shellfish, Brie, hotdogs, herbal tea and (duh, alcohol!) when pregnant. [NYTimes]
  • Close, but no cigar: The FDA did not fully approve Wyeth's menopause drug Pristiq because of "staff scientists want more information about the treatment." [NYTimes]
  • The FDA did, however, agree that Eli Lilly's osteoporosis drug Evista can also be marketed as lowering the risk of breast cancer. [WSJ]
  • One woman in the NY Times obituary section today: Teresa Stitch Randall, 79, American operatic soprano who made her name abroad in the opera houses of Austria, France and Switzerland. [NYTimes]

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