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Mothers Buying Breast Milk On The Black Market • Ex Hooker Marries Heavy Metal Musician

Illustration for article titled Mothers Buying Breast Milk On The Black Market • Ex Hooker Marries Heavy Metal Musician

• Increasing numbers of Australian mothers desperate for the protection provided by the antibodies in human milk, but frustrated by the bureaucracy of milk banks, have been turning to the breast milk black market for help. •


• Saudi Arabia's first female cabinet member, Noura al-Faiz, was recently quoted in a Saudi paper saying that she does not plan on appearing on TV unless she is granted permission. "I don't take my veil off and I will not appear on television unless it is allowed for us to do so," she said. • Annie Lobert, ex-sex worker and founder of the "Hookers for Jesus" organization, just married Oz Fox from the Christian heavy metal band Stryper. Congrats! • A recent government survey found that 1 in 3 Indian women have been abused by their spouses or partners. According to Reuters, even the women of the upper crust are not immune to the dangers of intimate partner violence, and rich husbands often use their wealth and influence to make divorce almost impossible. • It appears that Botox may not be such a bad thing after all: scientists say that the face-freezing drug may be useful in the fight against cancer. • Sydney Dupree, a male-to-female transsexual from Memphis, founded the Transgender Job Fair in Los Angeles in efforts to help herself and other transpeople find work in the rough economy. The fair includes 17 public and private employers willing to reach out to the trans community. • Over the weekend, NPR interviewed Sussan Tahmasebi, the leading women's rights activist in Iran, who believes that the upcoming elections "promise some sort of change" for women in Iran. Tahmasebi is the founding member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, which seeks to change gender-biased laws through gathering signatures. • Croatian nutritionist Dr Lejla Kazinic Kreho has discovered that sauerkraut is a powerful aphrodisiac — for men. The problem, naturally, comes in finding sex partners still interested after one consumers Kreho's recommended two servings a day. • A 93-year-old man wed an 89-year-old woman in Florida this weekend, stating that she'd had her eye on him for 20 years. After the ceremony, technicians used nail polish remover to remove the adhesive from her eye and returned it to her. • Sarah Palin will, indeed, be having dinner with the Republicans she's been so coy with for months, proving to herself that she can treat them poorly and still maintain their undying affection. Now, onto 2012! • Palin also renews her love with Sean Hannity, joining him on-air tonight to reprise her accusations that Obama is a Super Sekret Socialist. Now, if we'd only elected her, I mean, John McCain, the economy would be as peachy-keen as her spring suits!

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Breast milk black market: oh La Leche League what hath you wrought?

FORMULA ladies. It's not the deadly concoction of arsenic and lead paint some breast milk proponents have lead you to believe.