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There are many things that we confess we don't really understand. We'd like to think we knew what the theory of relativity was all about, we nod sagely when someone mentions Occam's Razor and then run off to look up what it means on Wikipedia, and we really don't get why anyone cares about Mischa Barton.


But we're really thoroughly flabbergasted by this. That Anna Nicole Smith's own mother, yes, her goddamned MOTHER, would take a paparazzo scum hound with her when she went to view her daughter's corpse.

"Virgie Arthur squirmed on the witness stand in Broward County Court yesterday afternoon when it was disclosed that she was driven to the lunchtime morgue visit by a reporter for Splash News. Arthur described the reporter as a 'close family friend,' but she stumbled when asked where the man lived.

Splash News is an entertainment Web site that pays money for photos, stories and tips about celebrities. Arthur denied she has received any cash from Splash, but hedged when asked whether she has been promised any or has signed any contracts with the agency.


If there is any justifiable explanation for this, we'd be fascinated to hear it. Answers on a postcard please, to the rotting corpse of Anna Nicole Smith, cc: the rotting soul of Virgie Arthur.

Mommie Dearest, indeed [NY Daily News]

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