Woman Beat Daughter's Classmate With a Hammer In School Bathroom

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A third-grader was violently beaten at an Oakland, California school on Friday. Police state that the attacker, another child's mother, lured the girl into a bathroom and then hit her repeatedly with a hammer. Police also state that this was a targeted attack and that it was the result of a family feud. And as we all know, the best way to settle familial differences is by bludgeoning someone small and defenseless with blunt objects. Poisoning and stabbing come a close second.

Fortunately, the third-grader's injuries were not life-threatening and according Troy Flynt, the school district's spokesperson, she was taken to the hospital and is now in remarkably good spirits, considering the trauma she'd experienced.

The attacker has been identified as Haseemah Diame, a volunteer at the school. Both Diame and the third-grader are recent immigrants from Yemen.

"It seems there was some sort of family feud and this act was perpetrated as one of vengeance to get back against this other family with which this other woman had a conflict," Flynt said.


Parents were concerned that Diame was walking around the school with a weapon, but Flynt states that she had kept it concealed until she had lured the child into the bathroom. I can't believe I just had to type those words because that's one of the most awful things I've ever heard.

Diame is now at the Alameda County jail. She's been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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It has been a banner week for students in the East Bay. 1). A child is beaten with a hammer. 2). a child in Richmond is beaten on the school bus by the father of another student who was alledgedly being bullied. The driver does nothing. 3). At Oakland High, a student with Cerebral Palsy who depends on a wheelchair was beaten by security guard. And if the last one isn't bad enough, the students have started a petition to reinstate the guard because they say the student is an asshole. This a trifecta of WTF.