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The Daily Mail reported on Friday that a man died tragically several months ago when a portion of his nearly six-ton porn collection fell on top of him, crushing or possibly suffocating him. The weight of the magazines upon the man’s chest may also have triggered a heart attack.

The body of the 50-year-old man identified as a carmaker named Joji was ultimately discovered—by his landlord, because rent was long overdue—six months after the accident, and little else is known about who he was or how he got himself into this fatal situation.


The Mirror reported that, though the clean-up team took precautions to keep the death under raps and dispose of Joji’s magazine’s discreetly, it was ultimately a member of that very team that leaked the story to the press.

According to one of the cleaners, even if Joji had survived the initial crush of his porn magazines, no one would have been able to hear his cries, as they would have been muffled by the papers.

If anything is to be learned from this frankly horrifying tragedy, it’s that digital porn collections are safest practice.


Update: Gizmodo has cast a skeptical eye on this story, pointing out that it seems likely this man may have just died amongst his porn, not because it fell on him.