Welp, the 4chan gremlins are at it again, and this time it looks like they're really trying to put the 'Nazi' in 'Feminazi.'

We received a tip that the half-hearted attempt to inextricably link feminism and anti-semitism, originated on 4chan earlier today, and they've mainly been using #FeminismAgainstJews, although some have been using the #YesAllWomen tag as well. It's almost entertaining.

While the point was to hijack both feminist discourse and the Israel-Palestine conflict (double whammy!) to instigate another misguided social media flame war, right now it's really just a bunch of bros pretending to be ignorant and ragey women. It's essentially an exercise in drag performance, which they should probably just leave to the professionals.

For those of you who are curious, yes, it is a slow news day.

Image of a troll via Shutterstock.