Mortified Classmates of Princeton Mom Wish She'd Shut the Fuck Up

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Susan Patton, Princeton class of 1977 and noted Troll Mom, thinks a little rape in college is just a "learning experience," a view she's happy to air on any and every morning show in existence. In response, her classmates have issued a lengthy statement begging Princeton Mom to shut up and go away, calling her views "outrageous."


The statement, signed by 123 alumni and published Sunday in the Daily Princetonian, starts out with a bang:

We are members of Princeton's Class of 1978 who feel it necessary to speak up about sexual assault and rape in response to the undue repeated attention the media has given to the self-proclaimed "Princeton Mom." We believe we speak for the great majority of Princeton moms and dads, as well as alumni who do not have children, in saying rape in general — and date rape in particular — is inexcusable, rape survivors deserve our help and support and anyone who sexually assaults another person should be prosecuted legally.

"Self-proclaimed Princeton Mom" is a nice jab. The alumni go on to express regret that Patton's views "continue to be associated" with "the Princeton name."

The statement doesn't ask Patton to stop parading around as The Voice of Princeton, because God knows that would be useless. It just wants the entire rest of the world to know they're not with her whatsoever:

Yet the wider world continues to see this woman dressed in orange and black associating her out-of-touch personal beliefs with our alma mater. We — along with many other alumni — see these views as outrageous and unworthy of being associated with Princeton. We ask the Princeton administration to continue its efforts to create a campus climate where all accusations of sexual assault are treated with the seriousness they deserve, and we invite those who share our views to raise their voices to join ours.

Patton—who's now billing herself on Twitter as a "human resources consultant," author and "executive coach"—hasn't yet responded to this takedown, nor will she likely have the good sense to be embarrassed by it.

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