Moroccan Girl Kills Herself After Judge Forces Her to Marry Her Rapist

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Today in awful: a 16-year-old Moroccan girl has reportedly committed suicide after being forced to marry the man who raped her. There is absolutely nothing good about this story.

According to The Delta Herald, the young woman was raped by a man 10 years her senior last year. The family brought charges against him, and, after intervention from the girl's family, the man's family, and acquaintances of both families, a judge decided that instead of subjecting the man to any form of legal punishment, it was probably a good idea to force the two to get married, man and victim. According to Moroccan penal code, a rapist who marries his victim is exempt from legal punishment.

As a result of the crime, the girl was rejected by her father and forced to live in the home of her rapist. And last week, she ended her life by eating rat poison.



A minor Moroccan commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist [Delta Herald]


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Can it be seen as a good thing that this is even being broadcast? I mean, does it signify that it's not that common and that it caused outrage in Morocco as well? I hope so, I can never tell if it's just because I've paid more attention as I've gotten older, but every time I see stories like this I always wonder that.

I hope at the very least people are outraged locally, and there is pressure to end practices like this internally, not just from people outside.