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Morning Shows Face Off On How To Solve The Cankle Crisis

Have you been up all night crying over yesterday's frontpage Wall Street Journal exposé that cankles are hideous and offensive to those around you? Bad news: the morning shows are refusing to drop the story.


In the Good Morning America clip above, Juju Chang offers a history of the cankle outbreak, explaining they're "associated with pregnant ladies, the elderly, and the obese, but even skinny people can suffer from the 'curse of cankles.'" (Both Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Aniston have been afflicted!)

Chang took a trip to Gold's Gym (which spawned the story that will not die by declaring July "Cankle Awareness Month"), and learned some cankle-toning exercises from trainer Nikki Kimbrow. But these moves alone won't conquer chubby ankles (especially since they're so easy Chang can perform them in high heels). "It's not about just hitting those target areas," says Nikki, "Yeah, let's hit those cankles, but let's get the entire body fit and let's feel good about ourselves."


Thankfully there are other solutions, like having getting lipo to make your calves more shapely. Christina Reggie's ankles caused her "years of emotional distress," but in June she finally went under the knife to repair her "deformed" legs. We didn't notice any difference between the before and after pictures, but Reggie was so pleased with her surgery that she and her doctor appeared on both GMA and CBS's Early Show (clip below) to rave about the results.

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While GMA tried to comfort viewers with the prospect of exercising away the grotesque way women's legs connect to their feet, on The Early Show Dr. Michelle Copeland informed viewers that, "unfortunately... exercise alone won't get rid of this." The said could be same for this "trend" story.

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My phone call 5 minutes ago...

Gold's Gym Employee: Thank you for calling Gold's Gym, how can I change your life today?

Cole: You can tell the higher-ups to stop running those inane advertisements telling me to hate my ankles....CLICK.

It is time we started a grassroots movement, who's with me?