More Women Are Selling Their Eggs To Make Ends Meet

This morning Good Morning America reported that more women are selling their eggs due to the increasingly difficult economic climate. While egg donation ads used to be aimed at young women looking for extra money for college, fertility specialists say they are seeing a dramatic increase in repeat donors trying to make ends meet. In the past few months there's been a 30-40 percent increase in egg donor applicants across the country, and some doctors are concerned that the spike may result in a decline in standards for donors. Clip above.


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If it was as easy as dudes splooging in a cup, it would be pretty awesome. But I'm not going to pump myself full of hormones for a long time and then spew out an egg and then maybe have a kid from it and then have that kid coming to look for me 20 years down the line wanting to meet me.

not worth the money.