More Women Are Getting into the Home Repair Game

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Wuh-oh, it looks like we broads, once again, are failing to contain ourselves to our designated lady fields (cooking, cleaning, poisoning our husbands) and have begun picking up basic round-the-house repair skills like plumbing, tiling and electrical work. Look out, motherfuckers, because this gender war is on. Or at least so states the Washington Post:

The latest chapter in America's gender wars is being waged in the aisles of a Fairfax Home Depot.

As they wait in line to pay for paint, Leslie Rowen, 63, and her daughter Lucky Bennett, 32, proclaim that they are "taking over the home repairs." Meanwhile, a few aisles over, the store is having a "Do-It-Herself" workshop, where women of all ages and ethnicities pull on blue rubber gloves and learn how to lay kitchen tile and mix grout... Welcome to the latest field in which women are joining and sometimes outshining men — home repair.


Yes, look out, men, because we're coming to share your tedious chores. Your emasculated heart must be breaking right now.

The Post article goes slightly into the reasoning behind women's increased knowledge of home repair — women are steadily making more money, are staying single longer, and make up the the vast majority of single homebuyers, all of which encourages them to take more complete charge of the ins and outs of their homes — but leans primarily on a lighthearted "WOCKA WOCKA WHAT WILL MEN DO NOW" angle, with one woman quoted as saying, "I have a husband, and he does not do anything. He likes to watch TV, so we are taking over. We can do it!" and a man who, upon witnessing the woman's DIY grouting work shop, states sadly, "But what are husbands for?"

To answer the man's question: nothing. Husbands are now pointless. The only reason we took them on before was not for love and companionship, but to have a live-in repair man that we sometimes get to have sex with. Now that we've learned that we can do all of those repairs ourselves, even with out tiny brittle lady hands, there's pretty much no point and the institution of marriage has ended, effective immediately.

But to actually answer the man's question: Husbands are for the exact same thing as they used to be for (whatever that may be), only now, they don't have to spend quite so much time snaking shower drains, unless that's their thing, in which case, by all means, go ahead. In the end, women learning more about home repairs isn't a hinderance to either gender, but rather a benefit. This isn't a chapter in America's gender wars. This is a chapter in America's gender treaty. Women can install ceiling fans and men can bake pies and women can fix a leaky sink and men can be trusted as a primary childcare providers and women can — ohmygod, who cares, I can't believe that this is a thing that we still have to talk about. Everybody, just do what you want.

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I think I've mentioned this before, but this is something I am trying to be more proactive about. I know NOTHING of home repairs. My husband enjoys doing these things around the house, but I have begun watching him do them and asking questions a) because I'm an adult and I should know these things and b) I want my son growing up seeing his mom is capable of holding a drill.