More Transitions: Everyone From Obama To Alan Colmes To Citibank Is Changing

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  • Barack Obama made it official with Tim Geithner today, announcing that he will nominate Geither to the Treasury Department. Former Treasury Secretary Larry "Math Is Hard For Girls" Summers is headed to the top of the White House Economic Council and Berkeley economics professor Christina Romer will head the Council of Economic Advisers. Betcha she does math pretty well. [NY Times]
  • Former Joe Biden aide Ted Kaufman has been appointed to fill Biden's Senate seat for two years, at which point everyone in the state assumes he'll quietly step down and let the currently-deployed Beau Biden run for it. [Associated Press]
  • Susan Rice, who most people thought was about to get dicked over when it leaked that Jim Jones will head the National Security Council, is actually in the running to be our Ambassador to the U.N. [Washington Independent]
  • Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack swears he's not in the running to be Secretary of Agriculture. [Washington Post]
  • Obama aide and transition co-chair Valerie Jarrett has her first graduation speech almost totally written, but it still makes her sound kind of like a cool woman to know. [NY Times]
  • Speaking of cool women, Moe Tkacik fucking breaks down the financial and auto industry crises, and you'll be smarter for reading it. [New York Magazine]
  • And now that she might not be running against one of them anymore, Republicans all just love Hillary Clinton. [The Daily Beast]
  • Alan Colmes is leaving Hannity and Colmes but not Fox News. Yeah, Hannity's feet really do smell that bad, but he's got a contract through 2012 so somebody is buying stock in Odor Eaters. [USA Today, Politico]
  • In the mean time, we're rescuing Citibank, and the Dow is going up but it's all only temporary because it's not the end of the financial fall-out anymore than today is the end of Alan Colmes. However, if you're a Citibank stockholder, it is the end of your dividends for three years. [NY Times, NY Times]

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Blergh. Election night seems like a long time ago already. I'm going home to watch me some West Wing and try to forget that nobody's gonna be around to say "Let Obama be Obama" in this White House.

I knew that Obama was going to try to play conciliator, but honestly, his appointments have universally disappointed me. I know he had to have some Clinton acolytes appointed. He did not need to have this many in key economic positions, it seems to me.

And, hopefully someone won't kill me for saying this, but the circus that the Clinton appointment has been thus far is only destined to continue. Not necessarily because Hillary or Bill plans it that way, but because it's a narrative everybody can seize on.

But now it's going to be Clinton II and I feel like people forget that, though in comparison he seems great now, it was disenchantment with the Clinton years that inspired the West Wing and its unabashed liberalism.

So for those who think we're living in an Aaron Sorkin movie... eh. I'll be turning tail and heading for academia.