More To Love, the show previously known as The Fatchelor continues to be a cringe-inducing, shudder-worthy and embarrassing experience, because its plus-size contestants are treated like "special" freaks of nature who need our pity.

Last night's episode involved Luke inviting the ladies to a "prom," since, as he explained, many of them probably didn't enjoy their prom — or didn't get invited — the first time around. While that is true for some of the overweight women on the show, Luke said it in a way so that it seemed like he was doing charity work. (Also, when he talks about going through tough times and feeling excluded as a "bigger" person growing up, I've got to call bullshit on most of it, since A: He was a football player, so "included" on a team and cheered on by his whole damn school and B: girls have it harder than boys do. "Jolly" chubby guys are generally accepted - Varsity Blues, Kevin James, Jack Black, etc. - but plus-size women seldom enjoy that kind of experience).

In any case, the "prom" gave the producers an excuse to show the ladies squeezing and shimmying into dresses and saying things like "suck it in." Millions of women of all sizes struggle with their clothes, but showing overweight women trying to fit into clothes provided by producers seems predictable — and like a low blow. Unfair, and exploitative.


Luke invited two of his best college buddies to the "prom" to figure out who he should go out on a one-on-one date with. That woman would be crowned prom queen.

The dudes, sorta-hot-yet-mute-black-guy and guy-with-dumb-goatee, took their job seriously.


The prom itself — with waaaay more women than men, Luke kissing several different women on the dancefioor and then dancing like a fool — seemed awful.

Luke's friends chose Danielle as Prom Queen. It just so happens that she's one of the contestants that no one — including Luke — actually likes.

Luke took Danielle out to dinner, and she ordered a chocolate-and-peanut covered banana for dessert. Who does that?


It's a date. It's televised. And you're voluntarily putting a phallic object up in your face.


Later, Luke and Danielle had a boat ride which was painfully awkward, or at least edited to seem so.

At the end of the episode, she was among those eliminated.