The more I watch the show previously known as the Fatchelor, the more I want the women to get the hell out of the house and away from Luke. Not to mention the show's producers.

Producers who zoom in on your breasts, for instance, when you are in a sudsy hot tub, as Malissa was with Luke when some of the ladies went on a spa date with Luke. Mandy found the spa date to be very stressful, since Luke was taking everyone aside and having intimate moments with them. Actually, the word Mandy used was "awkward." Indeed.

But let's go back to the beginning of the episode: The women were forced to play a game called "Good Wife/Bad Wife." They had to go around in a circle and declare who would be a good wife for Luke and who would be a bad wife for Luke.

Hearing criticism about how she's too emotional made Kristian cry.

During the game, the producers used creative editing to make things more interesting.

For instance, when the women were talking about whether Heather would make a good wife, it looked as if Lauren interrupted and said, "This isn't about good person/bad person…"


But if you look at the wide shot, when Lauren is saying this, Kristian, the curly-haired one next to Lauren, has her sign turned to "bad wife." And the person next to Emme is someone with dark hair, not Heather, who is blonde.


The tight shot of Lauren speaking about being a "good person" also has been manipulated: the "Good Wife" words on Kristian's sign were added digitally in post-production. Maybe you can't see it in the clip, but on my TV screen? The words were moving on some kind of added layer.

In any case, Luke went on a date with the one who was most voted "Bad Wife," Melissa B. They had Moroccan food and did a little belly dancing.


Luke also went on a date with the lady voted "Good Wife," Heather. I thought they went to Medieval Times, which would have been amazing, but it was just a castle.

During their dinner, Luke said: "I can't get over this view." Heather replied that yes, it was very pretty. Luke said: "I was talking about you." Eyeroll. Later, he said: "I have something to tell you. I have three kids." There was a pause. Then he said: "Just joking." He was just trying to liven things up. The man is a jackass!


Anyway, back to the spa date with the other ladies: Something intense happened between Luke and Mandy, but most of their date was edited away. Luke did say: "Sharing kiss with Mandy did something to my heart that I have never felt."

But maybe it was just her knee, pressing into his chest.

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