More To Love: Puke, Booze & Swimsuits

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There was lots of drama on the show previously known as The Fatchelor last night, as Luke went on three "dates."

At the beginning of his first group "date," on a boat, a lady named Heather threw up. The ship hadn't even left the dock yet.

During the cruise, Malissa and Luke had an intimate moment, and a little kissing sesh. Malissa said that Luke makes her feel like a "size 2 supermodel." What does that even mean? Like you're wearing Balenciaga and jumping for Vogue? Are we really supposed to buy that this man makes her feel beautiful or thinner?


The problem with Luke is that he's the kind of guy who says "her body is bangin'." Meanwhile, the misty-eyed women on this show are saying romantic stuff like, "I feel butterflies." They're getting emotional; he's getting a hard-on.

But the absolute worst part of the episode had to be that the third group date was at a pool. Of course the producers wanted to show overweight women in swimsuits.

Hoping to make everyone feel more comfortable, Luke suggested they head for the bar first. Because what's better than being on TV in your swimsuit than being on TV in your swimsuit while drunk?

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Please, don't get all harsh on me for asking about this. It seems several, if not most of the comments express some degree of pity for the women on this show. Is that the same reaction I could expect to see for the contestants on The Bachelor? Just wondering.