Last night's premiere of More To Love was even more disturbing than anticipated, not because overweight women were being exploited, but because the star, Luke, is a jackass.

Really, he's the luckiest guy in America: He's living in a mansion with 20 women — well, 15, as he kicked out 5 he didn't like — he admits are "just his type." Oh, the world might find these women fat, but they still weigh around 100 pounds less than Luke does. This show mentions again and again that it's what's inside that counts, yet each contestant was chosen on appearances: How big they are. And their appearance is what Luke likes about them: He's a "chubby chaser"; big women are his favorite. Also, every time the womens' names came on the screen, so did their height and weight. Charming.

Luke gave each lady in the house a diamond ring, which had some hearing angels. Even though every chick got a ring, one woman said getting one "made her feel special." Later the rings were taken away, and only 15 got the rings back.

But first: Alcohol-assisted partying. Ladies did shots. One woman jumped into the pool with her evening dress on and proclaimed it was "Luke warm." There was an obligatory mention of Spanx, and shots of women eating. Within the first 10 minutes of the show, we heard the words "fat," "plus size," "big boned," and "I want to bake a pie for my man." When one young lady who told Luke, "I'm a rocket scientist," he replied, "That's intimidating." She was not one of the 15 chosen ones.


Anna, who, at 5'11", can look 6'3" Luke in the eyes, was chosen — perhaps because she was coerced in to kissing him?

Nervous nellie Melissa, 21, was also chosen, but her self-esteem is so fragile she believes this is her "one chance" at love.


This blond Melissa was also chosen and also coerced into kissing Luke.

The worst part of the show was having to watch shot after shot of women with tears in their eyes as they spoke about their terrible love lives. The fact that Luke is "in heaven" surrounded by voluptuous ladies — some with shaky self-esteem — is great for him, but you end up feeling horrible for the women. You can't help but wish that each of them could get to go to a mansion and be surrounded by 20 curve-loving men. Because those guys are out there! And you want to root for these women — not for Luke, who just ends up looks like a greedy kid at a buffet… one of the worst stereotypes about the overweight.