More On "The Secret": Larry King Drinks The Kool-Aid

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Guess CNN producers haven't learn a thing from the growing chorus of critics regarding the continuing and unquestioning coverage of self-help book The Secret. Last night, it was Larry King's turn to step into the ring of wide-eyed, friendly talk show hosts: King devoted an entire hour to The Secret juggernaut with nary a real critic in sight.

First up was John Assaraf, founder of something called 'OneCoach' and a creepy, chiclet-toothed pseudo-scientist ("there are positive chemicals in the brain and negative chemicals in the brain" he asserts), who calls The Secret "a phenomenal breakthrough for mankind". But forget him. The real outrage came courtesy of Joe Vitale, "founder and president" of something called the "Hypnotic Marketing Institute". When King asked Vitale if Jessica Lunsford — the 9-year-old Florida girl raped and killed by just-convicted sex-offender John Couey — "attracted" the crime against her, Vitale basically said, well, yes.

"We are attracting everything to ourselves. There is no exception. I hear previous people talking about there is luck, there is [sic] some exceptions here. No. We attract everything. But we're doing it on an unconscious level, Larry. That's what's going on."


Got that? A beautiful 4th-grader — albeit "unconsciously" — asked to be abducted from her home, beaten, raped and then buried alive with only a stuffed animal as company.

And did Larry King bat an eyelash or pose a follow-up question after that outrageous statement? You know the answer.

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