More of What Happens to Disney Princesses After Happily Ever After

Forget your "happily ever after," Disney princesses.

A few months ago an incredibly talented singer by the name of Paint wowed the Interwebs with his own with a tragically funny song about what really happened to some of our favorite Disney princesses after their happily ever after moment. His first video got more than 32 million views on YouTube (WHAT? Is he an Internet billionaire now?) Paint, aka John Cozart, is back, this time shattering our fantasies that Mulan, Elsa, Cinderella and Tiana ended up living perfect lives. One of the best is Elsa who finds herself living in a global warming nightmare ("A kingdom of greenhouse gasses; only Bill Nye seems to care.") Don't worry, though. Elsa's got it covered. His spin on "Let it Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" will definitely make your night.




Confession: When we get to the "happily ever after" parts while reading bedtime stories, I always say something like, "And then, Cinderella (or whatever princess it is) went off to college and became a marine biologist/doctor. After graduating, she and Prince Charming decided to get engaged and have a long, healthy courtship, to make sure that they were completely compatible. And they lived happily for many years."

Also, at the end of Little Red Riding Hood, I say, "And then, Little Red Riding Hood said "No!" to the Wolf very loudly and the Wolf started to cry and apologize. She made him leave, and she and her grandmother had dinner. Later, the Wolf became a better wolf and never ate up people again. The End."

I know. Don't say it.