Originally we thought the latest issue of Vogue, with its photo shoot pairing female models with male athletes, was just trying to subtly imply that "sports" are the "fashion" of men, in terms of money/fame/universal appeal. Maybe we should have read the headline! They're just celebrating the "World's Best Bodies." Models were simply paired with athletes whose bodies somehow mirrored theirs. For instance, Daria Werbowy and Shaun White both share a "slim build that welcomes volume โ€” ideal for sizes 6 to 8." Check out the chick they got to "mirror" 310-pound discus thrower Jared Rome! Just click the pic for more, with some of our favorite lines from the package.

"You're not as big as I thought you'd be," says Raquel Zimmerman upon meeting Jared Rome, America's number-one discus thrower. "You're not as tall as I though you'd be," says Rome in response. That said, Raquel is pretty tall (five feet ten), and Rome is pretty big (310 pounds.)


To Caroline Trentini, who recalls first seeing his photograph in a magazine, he immediately looked like a swimmer.

Bonus: In a shoulder-baring vellum dress that traces the outlines of womanly curves, Caroline Trentini plays Aphrodite to Phelps' Adonis.

A lissome Gisele and the star of the Cavaliers' lineup put their height to good use โ€” her 5'11 frame carries off an elongated second-skin sheath spectacularly.


"I still have that kind of body," says Doetzen Kroes of legs toned from a childhood foray into speed skating โ€” showcased here in a floaty mini that won't overwhelm sizes 0 to 4.