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More Notable Quotables From Simon Doonan

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"No one respects an upward trajectory any more — transcending the grittiness of your home-town and heading for the spangly corsets of the big city. For me there's nothing wrong with being nouveau riche. It's about clawing your way to the top and not clambering down through the sewer. The American dream story is a bit of an old chestnut, but I cling to it." Ah, Simon Doonan: We hear ya. The creative director of Barneys New York spoke with Telegraph's Christopher Turner, and, as usual, he's just rife with musings on everything from his career ("Every motherfucker on earth sees my windows — even homeless people, which appeals to the populist in me") to his childhood ("Being around psychotics definitely influenced my creative sensibility") and the mantra he wishes all women would adapt ("BRUNCH - belligerent, resilient, uninhibited, naughty, creative and hilarious"). More bon mots from our favorite window-dresser and bon vivant, after the jump.


On why he thinks of himself and Kate Moss as kindred spirits:

We're both working-class slags from crap towns.

On how he thinks of his own work:

Hokey street theatre...I think I invented disgustingly messy windows

On being raised by a mother with oft-missing dentures, a parsnip-wine brewing father, a lobotomized grandmother, schizophrenic uncle and blind aunt:

They were self-invented, unconventional, and had no preconceived ideas about parenting [and] a stratospherically high tolerance for unconventional behaviour.


On fellow window-dressers who fancy themselves artists:

[They] should be taken off to internment camps and forced to become artists to see what a drag it is... artists agonise over their line quality and window-dressers agonise over their fashion accessories.

On the modern American celebrity:

Most celebrities are as boring as shit. The way they look, the way they cavort themselves - they look like a bunch of dreary Republican wives going to the country club.


Simon Doonan: All In The Worst Possible Taste [Telegraph]

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Simon, daahling, let's have brunch with vodka and make fun of everyone who walks by. It's on me, of course!

I was boarded up inside my house this weekend desperately avoiding the tree pollen which is the byproduct of DC's beautiful springtime (and to which I am highly allergic) and watched the ANTM reruns that featured Simon giving lessons on "mod" "punk" "bollywood" and "preppy" fashion to the girl. It was delightful, especially how oblivious they were to his snark.