More Men Won't Date A Single Woman With Many Kids

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According to a Jon and Kate Plus 8-inspired poll of,, and users, 19 percent of women would date a man even if he had eight or more kids, compared to only 3.2 percent of men. [UPI]


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Okay. So half the poll was inspired by the guy who left the kids at home with the Mom? And was photographed by, like, Extra, with his new GF like 10 minutes later?

And who we saw in Snap Judgment this past weekend riding around on a fake Harley desperately trying to look cool? That guy?

*shrugs* Okay. I just saw in "Leftovers" that a blind man stabbed his fiancee for not wearing her engagement ring (gee, who would have thought it?) — and, in toto, it *really* appears to be that kind of a Monday anyway. KWIM?