More Lady Drivers Could Mean Fewer Road Fatalities and Better Things for the Environment

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Ladies, fellow womyn, it is time that, once again, we raise our Diva Cups to the moon and toast to yet another victory in the War on Men. I know we were supposed to keep the war a secret — deny, deny, deny and all that — but it's just so hard to stay hush-hush about it when we keep winning. Whereas before we were winning by slithering into the workplace, having abortion parties and not allowing men to feel like men for Christ's sake, now we've taken the fight to America's roadways where women with driver's licenses now officially outnumber men for the first time in herstory. Oh, Fox News, you wily scamps. You were on to us the whole time!


A recent survey by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows that men currently make up just under 50% of the population with driver's licences a statistic that could mean positive things for road safety and the environment. According to transportation professor Michael Sivak, "Females are more likely than males to purchase smaller, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles than males. They also drive less and tend to have a lower fatality rate per distance driven."

The number of female drivers has nearly doubled since the 1960s (male drivers have increased by a third) and the amount of miles driven by women has increased by 89%. It remains, however, that women drive less frequently and fewer miles than men so the majority of the drivers on the road at any given time are likely to be male. At least that's what we'll let them think. They still haven't caught on to the secret roads that we've been using to transport supplies (tampons and weapons, mainly) since the first wave of feminism. Queens of the road, indeed!

More women than men have a driver's license — that's good news [LA Times]
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Trough of Luxury

It blows my mind every time I remember my grandmother was 55 when she finally learned how to drive. FIFTY-FIVE. Suburbification finally stole her bus line and she had no choice. But I just cannot even conceive of a time when it was "not ladylike" to drive.