More Hospitals Ban Cameras During Births

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Videocameras and even cell phone cameras are forbidden in some delivery rooms. Supposedly they violate the staff's rights and create a "media circus." Hospitals probably won't mention their other concern: Recordings are being entered as evidence in medical malpractice suits.


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I have to say. I really don't get how many women on a feminist website talk about birth like it is disgusting and you'd never, ever want to look at it or remember it. Not every photo one takes is for facebook. In any case, whether or not you personally would want to photograph your own birth is completely beside the point. This is about our bodies, our choices, our births. Obviously the right to take a photo isn't an important a choice as, say, whether or not to have the baby in th first place. But it is still my body and my baby and I'd be very pissed off if some doctor tried to dictate how things went based solely on his/her potential liability.