A new pharmacy about to open in Northern Virginia boasts the best Christian gimmick since abstinence pants: They're refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control! Yes, pharmacists who believe contraception is tantamount to "playing God" are um "playing God" again. The cool thing, of course, is that the general trend in this country is that such "mom-n-pop" operations as DMC generally find themselves woefully undercut and eventually squashed by large multibillion dollar chains with buying power and space for 98 varieties of Dorito, although the scary thing about that is that, of course, what if the anti-contraception pharmacists all get together and start their own little puritannical alterna-Walgreen's? Then what? And like, remember when Wal-Mart refused to sell "In Utero"?

I didn't actually remember that, but I had a friend who grew up in Oklahoma and he told me about it. Anyway, the point is that I told you that I was going to say something nice about this country I am staying in, and fuck if I wouldn't trade the inability to buy tampons at certain times of the day (and maybe even liberal access to Adderall) for a national health system run by sane people who for whatever reason aren't constantly asserting their right to a conscience. (Who wired these people's consciences, anyway?) (And how much do you want to bet these guys all turn out to be key hubs in a massive meth supply chain a few years down the road?) (Okay, yes I miss America again.)

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