Mo'Nique Explains Her Blackballing, Says She Got $50,000 for Precious

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During an interview with Inside Edition, Mo'Nique responded to the controversy following her recent comments about being blackballed in Hollywood.


In the interview, Mo'Nique claims she was only paid $50,000 for her Oscar-winning role in Precious, adding that director Lee Daniels later told her she'd been blackballed for not playing by Hollywood's politics. "I'm not complaining about the money because that's what I signed up for," she says.


The actress hasn't landed any major parts since her win and, according to Daniels, her apparent "difficult" reputation played a role. (Race is likely a factor in this, too.) Mo'Nique argues:

"To say that I'm difficult, any project that I have ever done, when they say 'Wrap' and that's it, we're all hugging and crying, speaking about the great experience that we had... To stand up for what's wrong, I couldn't even do that differently. Would I not stand up for Gabourey Sidibe, who they wanted to fly coach to France. That's a long ride, we're big women. I will still stand up for that. I'll never stop standing up for injustice."

Does this shutout not happen to other actresses? Why is Mo'Nique's supposed attitude this much of a problem? She says hopes to get back on the radar with her upcoming independent film Blackbird, which she's starring in and producing.

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