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Jamie Foster Brown is kinda like the Tyler Perry of Sister2Sister magazine. She's the owner, publisher, editor, interviewer —s he does it all, not necessarily because she can, but because she wants to. She has her own style when it comes to getting information out of celebrities, and she retells stories like a gossipy lady sitting near you at the salon, adding in all these long-winded details and back story. It's less like reading a piece of journalism, and more like picking up the receiver and listening in on someone else's phone call. Jamie stays true to form when speaking to R&B singer Monica in November's Sister2Sister. Monica has kinda had a crazy life, which includes a former engagement to rapper C-Murder, (who is currently facing 25 years to life for murder), and witnessing the suicide of her drug dealing boyfriend, which Jamie was all over, in her special way:

Jamie: That is a hell of a thing. Do you relive that sometimes? Or is that just gone? Monica: Oh, it never just leaves. You just relive it over and over. But as I got older, I started to accept that certain things in life I will not be able to change, and if I really, really just spend a lot of time focused on what took place, I won't be able to get over the next hurdle.


But Jamie just wouldn't let it drop:

Jamie: With the maturity that you've gotten in the last year, what would you say to him today if you had a chance to talk to him? Because I know you loved him, and you took care of his daughter for a while too. Are you still taking care of her? Monica: No. She's doing good. I believe Jordan is 15 and the other one is about 12. They're big girls; they live with their mother. I think the main thing I would say to him is, if today was not a good day, give tomorrow an opportunity.


Monica's career has been so weird. A child star discovered at age 11, the 26-year old has been in the business a long time, and she's managed to have hit records peppered throughout. Just when you think she's done, she comes back with another single. Right now she's pregnant with her second child (due in January).

Interview with Monica [Sister2Sister]

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