Mommy Husky Adorably Bonds with Her Baby

Eeeep! I wrestled with posting all two and half minutes of this video, but let's be real — most of us could watch this sort of adorable bonding for twenty-four hours. If that's not the case for you, than you're a terrible person who no faith left in the wonders of the natural world. And you probably liked All Dogs Go to Heaven, which is somehow the saddest, scariest movie ever made about dogs in the afterlife.


via Buzzfeed

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Are they clicker training the mother for being nurturing and adorable? P.S. I can not wait for my friend's dog's puppies to get big enough so they can all play together. They're only about a week old and their little eyeballs aren't even open yet. P.P.S. Did you know that puppies that small have tickle spots? You know that spot that you scratch that makes a dogs leg go all buckwild? YEAH, LITTLE BABY DAY OLD PUPPIES TOTALLY HAVE THAT SPOT AND IT IS SO ADORABLE.