On Moment of Truth, a new "game show" on the Fox network, contestants are strapped to polygraph machines and forced to answer deep, personal questions submitted by the people who know them best. If they tell the truth, they get a half-million dollars to split with the spouse or girlfriend who presumably leaves them in the wake of all that painful honesty, and if they lie, they get waterboarded or something. The only not awesome aspect of this show, which premiered last night, was waiting while the polygraph took 90-some seconds to issue its decree. The guy in the clip above, a personal trainer, seemed initially and typically cuntbaggian with his honest answers to, "If your wife's stomach got flabby, would you encourage her to get liposuction?" and "Do you think you are the best-looking guy you know?" But he gained a little complexity (poignancy, even!) when it turned out that he'd held off having kids with Catia not because he worried about gross stretch marks but because he worried she wasn't his eternal life partner — and yet, he had never flirted with girls on the internet.