Monifa, a three-week-old pygmy hippo, debuted today at the Taronga zoo in Sydney, Australia. Zookeeper Renae Zammit says Monifa has been cared for by keepers since her difficult, breech birth. "She should have been up and running within the first hour of her life but she was actually quite weak and couldn't stand up so we had to step in and help her and supply food. We would obviously have wanted her mother to raise her, but she definitely would have died if we didn't step in." Also? Monifa is ridiculously cute. Maybe the Obamas will have a hippo in the White House? Calvin Coolidge had one! Clip above.Pictured: The Baby Pygmy Hippo That Brings New Hope For The Endangered Species [Daily Mail] Rare Pygmy Hippo Offers Hope [BBC] White House Pets: Hippo, Gator And 'Satan' [CNN]