Mom, You Were Right: George Was The Sweetest Beatle

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My mother's favorite Beatle, the late George Harrison, reportedly forged the signatures of his fellow bandmates on an autographed picture in the 1960's in order to make sure a dying girl's last wish came true.


Andrew Bullock, whose daughter, Ann, requested the photograph before dying of leukemia at the age of 16, recently donated the picture to an auction, with the proceeds going toward leukemia research. Apparently, it wasn't the first time that George signed autographs on his bandmates' behalf: "We've sent it to a handwriting expert and it's just about 100 per cent certain that they were done by George," Bullock tells the Daily Mail, "There are quite a few photographs in existence with autographs that were all signed by George. He got quite good at doing it. In this case, where you have got this poor girl who is terminally ill, he was probably aware of the situation and thought he should get it sent off as soon as possible. That adds a certain something and is actually quite nice." Indeed. [DailyMail]

And just because:



Best George story ever: he liked playing the ukulele so much he always traveled with two, in case a friend wanted to jam.

I got to work with his wife, Olivia Harrison. She's a kick-ass, honorary Jezebel. Don't forget she's the one who hit a bugler over the head with a brass lamp.

Have also worked with Paul, via "his people." He's smart and thoughtful about his work, and very nice to our people when they met him—remembering little personal details he had been told about them.

Maybe we can accept that they are all regular people, a little bit good and a little bit bad.