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There is nothing that makes you more desperate to escape the claustrophobic confines of an airplane than a screaming child. It can certainly feel like an emergency when one is in the vicinity, but one woman in Vietnam got a little carried away with the urgency of the situation. Her child was screaming and she wanted out, so she asked the man next to her to open the emergency exit door, and he did! Luckily, the plane was on the tarmac, not in mid-flight. Instead of making a sassy exit via the inflatable slide—a la that Jet Blue flight attendant a few years back—the mother and her child didn't leave the plane, either because she had second thoughts or because the cabin crew stopped them. It's not clear which. Either way, that must have been a very awkward scene, not to mention it probably took her far longer to deplane than it ever would have to start with. Now the guy who opened the door is the one getting fined $950, and it's going to cost $10,000 to refit the slide. It's true he should have known better, but she'd better chip in since she was the one that asked to make a quick escape in the first place.


Airplane Passenger Next To Crying Child Opens Emergency Exit [HuffPo]

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